T-Mobile Stepping Up Their Game

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It seems to be that T-Mobile is stepping up their game in their devices. After falling behind T-Mobile is bringing a new level to their game offering myTouch in 4 different colors. It seems that T-Mobile has fallen due to poor phone service and phone selection. Well not anymore. This first quarter should bring T-mobile users up to speed with the growing Android world.

We’re at T-Mobile’s intimate myTouch event right now (we’re currently snuggling up with all four colors — white, black, red and purple), and here are our first-hand impressions:

It feels good in the hand. The device is pretty slim, has a slight Android chin at the bottom, and all in all seems to be very solidly-built.
The screen is beautiful, sharp and bright — but not as good as an AMOLED in our opinion.
It rocks the myTouch UI that first appeared with the myTouch Slide, though it seems a bit more refined now.
We’re currently watching Vincent from SlashGear and Sascha from PC Magazine try to establish a video call. It was unsuccessful at first, but it seems like they’re having way too much fun now that it’s working. Never mind, Sascha is yelling at the phone now.
Watching a demo of the phone streaming video to a TV set was pretty cool. After some quick initial buffering, movies, photos and YouTube played effortlessly on the HDTV.

We’re pretty excited for the launch of the new myTouch. It’s packed with features and it nicely compliments T-Mobile’s stock Android G2 device as a younger-focused counterpart.

Thank you to our friends over at BGR for this one.

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