Taking a Look through Dell’s Looking Glass

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Taking a trip through the looking-glass. Dell will be stepping into the tablet battle. Specs have finally been released.   Sticking with 3g, adding basic wi-fi capabilities.  Where Dell may lack in data, the processor is “Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, a powerful chip for mobile devices that can support both typical functions (like e-mail and Web browsing) as well as advanced graphics — all while preserving battery life” -Source:  PCMag The Tablet will also be sporting a nice 7″ screen to boot.  Running on an Android system will help push this device to consumers.   The early specs are not  overwhelming.  The name may eventually speak for itself and the sleek design of the “Looking Glass” Tablet could save it.  Granted this is the early stages for Dell Systems tablets, but one would think with lack luster desktops and laptops lately, there would be extra effort put into this device where Dell has slowly been falling off the map.  Will this device be the iPad killer?  Leave your thoughts on this product…

Endgadget reported that Dell’s Mobile Internet Device, more commonly known by its codename Looking Glass, got its nod from the Federal Communications Commission Monday morning. The tablet, which the site is calling the “iPad eviscerator,” is a seven-inch version of Dell’s Android-powered Streak.
According to Endgadget, the FCC has given its blessing for the tablet’s components, which include integrated 3G, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, and 802.11n WiFi radios.The gadget is expected to debut officially at the Consumer Electronics Show next month.

Source: Washington Post

Picture: Engadget

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