Too Much Android Love Or Best Wedding Ever?

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There comes a time in our lives where we must look at something that is supposed to be so truly beautiful and ask, how did it become so awesome!  It seems as though newlyweds Andy and Kaylee decided to have an Android inspired theme wedding featuring an Android cake and a menu showing two Android robots holding hands.  The back story is that Andy works somewhere for LG while his bride Kaylee works for T-Mobile so naturally the two must take each other in holy Mobilemony.  OK, that was a horrible reference but cmon, is this taking it a bit too far?  Or would you agree this is the best wedding theme ever?  Check out the pics below and be sure to drop us a comment on this one.

I’ve seen some nerdy wedding cakes in my time (Like this Mario Bros one, which is awesome by the way), but this one takes the cake. (get it?)  The story goes like this; The groom, Andy works for LG, while the bride Kaylee works for T-Mobile. Since they’re both in the mobile scene, they naturally have a common love for Android. The love is so strong in fact, that it led to the Android wedding cake pictured above. In addition to the Android wedding cake, the menu (Designed by Andry) at their reception also featured the famous Android robots holding hands.So what do you guys think about this? Do you have enough passion for Android to feature it in your wedding? Do you shutter at the thought of even bringing up the thought of Android-anything at your wedding to your fiance?

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