Touiteur? Twitter doesn’t seem to think so…

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Looks like Twitter is pushing its weight around today. LevelUp Studio the makers of one of the best-selling market apps Beautiful Widgets, is being asked by Twitter to change the name of their popular apps Touiteur! It seems Twitters beef is that the name Touiteur is/could be a misspelling of “Twitter”!! (WOW) Thankfully they are not trying to close up Touiteur for good but are requesting a name change. LevelUp is asking for everyone’s help with this and have set up a voting page for the name change. Go take a look at the voting page and put down a suggestion or two! So what do you think of Twitters request of the name change of Touiteur? Drop us a comment below and let us know!

Voting page link

Rut ro! Twitter apparently is making popular Twitter client Touiter change names, seeing as how it’s sort of a misspelling of Twitter. (Yeah. OK.) The good news is that you can help developer LevelUp Studio choose the new name! Right now “Plume” and “CuiCui” are in the lead, but we bet you guys can do even better than that. Just head on over to the voting page and let ‘em know what you’d like to see.

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