Trillian is Finally in the Android Market

| December 15, 2010 | Reply

There are a lot of IM clients for Android to choose from. Many have been waiting for the day when Trillian would come out of beta and get into the Android Market. That day has finally come, but at a cost of $4.99. Sorry guys, you can’t get a free version on their website anymore. It might be worth the cost though, given that Trillian allows for you to chat with all your friends on Jabber, AIM, , ICQ, Yahoo,Windows Live, MySpaceIM, Google Talk , or Astra. Give Trillian a try, and let us know in the comments how it compares to other IM clients, such as eBuddy Messenger, Meebo IM,  and Beejive.

Get it for $4.99 here.

Fans of the Trillian IM client should know that it looks like the beta period has ended (you can no longer download the app from Trillian’s website), and it’s now up in the Android Market. It’ll run you $4.99. But is that too high a price to stay in constant contact with your friends be they on Astra, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, Windows Live, MySpaceIM, Google Talk or Jabber? Depends on the friends, we suppose.

Anyhoo, download links are after the break. Enjoy! Thanks, Jason!

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