Verizon Galaxy Tab joins in on the ClockworkMod fun

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Not to be left out on the ClockworkMod party, the Verizon Wireless version of the Galaxy Tab now has a ClockworkMod recovery to call its own! Koush worked his Android magic on the T-Mobile version earlier this week and stated that the VZW version was not far behind and boy did he deliver! The version of ClockworkMod is 3.0 and is “Gingerbread based” and has some additional goodies that right now are only available for the Verizon variant. While the new ClockworkMod will not currently work with ROM manager Koush expects to push out an update very soon!

The Verizon version works similar to Koush’s BootStrap for the Motorola DroidX and Droid2 and as of right now is the only way to make backups and restore backups on the Tab until ROM Manager is updated. BootStrapper for the VZW Galaxy Tab is available now in the market for only $2.00! You can also visit the XDA link in the source story for the manual way to install ClockworkMod.

Anyone load up BootStrapper yet on their Verizon Tab? Find any surprises of the Gingerbread variety? Drop us a comment below and let us know…

Please support Koush and purchase the app in the market! He has done a lot of work for the Android community and continues to break new boundaries! Bar code link below:

ClockworkMod 3.0 is now available for the Verizon Wireless version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The new recovery is Gingerbread based and is filled with some new surprises you would love.

ClockworkMod version 3.0 Recovery is only available for Verizon Wireless version of the Galaxy Tab and is NOT yet compatible with ROM Manager; we expect a compatibility update in a few days.

Due to issues encountered dealing with RFS file system on the VZW Tab, the recovery utilizes an EXT4 file system instead of RFS. Don’t worry; the recovery converts your RFS file system to EXT4 automatically.

Visit the XDA-Developers thread for details on installing the recovery by clicking HERE.

If you don’t mind dishing out a couple bucks then you might want to check ClockworkMod’s VerizonTab Recovery Bootstrapper for an easier way to Recovery. It is available on the Android Market.

This app will set your device up for access to the custom recovery mode enabling you to createbackups and flash new ROMs. YOU MUST BE ROOTED TO USE THIS APPLICATION. FOR VERIZON TAB ONLY.

If you are on Verizon and have a tab, go on and try this and let us know what treats you find. Enjoy!

Note: The app is a Market fresh app. It might not show up on some devices right away.

Summary and Downloads:
Application: Verizon Tab Recovery Bootstrapper
Developer: ClockworkMod
Cost:  $2.00

Source: AndroidSPIN

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  • Ckaibni says:

    _________________ WARNING______________________________

    The app WILL brick your tab. do not buy …wait for more updates….. after the app installs you will be stuck at the Samsung screen … NO BOOT.. although if you know ADB you might be able to revert back..