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If your like me then your a fiend for a few minutes of call of duty even if it’s not even the real thing. I hope your sitting at work bored, waiting for GN to give you some good ole fashioned entertainment. Although this is kind of explicit in a sense it still peaks at awesome. “freddiew” from YouTube has put together a clip of what it would be like if Call of Duty : Black Ops got a future make over in to the realm of real life. After I watched this video I was amazed at the editing and work that made this video shine. He really got the cosmetics and action along with the “kill cam” pretty accurate from the Call of Duty game. Can you imagine if we could actually play a game this real looking? It is just a matter of time where we meet amazing real life looking game play with Kinect and get that full virtual package. Good job “freddiew” hope to see more from you soon! Check out the video and description below from YouTube. Comment below about what you guys & girls think!

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Hopefully graphics can get to this level in a few years, haha. We have had tons of requests to do a full first person video, finally we have fulfilled the demand.

Shot on a GoPro mounted to a helmet, we’ll put a behind the scenes feature on this in the next few days. Editted in Final Cut Pro, effects in After Effects.

What VFX in particular would you guys like to see broken down from this?

Special Thanks to:
Duc Doan
Roberto Diaz
Andrew Peterson
Jeff Jenkins for the sniper scope


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