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Hi Andy Rubin how are you? Oh you want to show us the new Google Maps, wait a second is that Honeycomb!? Andy Rubin “All things D” show pulled out a Tegra 2 prototype tablet which had confidential stickers all over to hide the makers footprint and shown something we never seen before, Honeycomb! Wait didn’t we just get Gingerbread shown to us like yesterday? Geez they do not give us anytime for adjustment in the tech world. As you see in the video he slides to unlock using a “slide out of the circle” style and shows us our first views of the system while he navigates to the new Google Maps. What is in this new Android exclusive Google Maps that will be coming in a few days? Vector based maps and 3d Buildings are the two biggest things. Vector based maps allows a quicker render instead of the old tiles your used to seeing. If you wanted you could download a whole state to your phone and be able to have that pre-rendered so in low data zone you can in-face not “fall of the edge of the earth” as they say in the video. Using vector also lets the user pan around or rotate in a 3d type feel using a rotation gesture. Vector is a huge deal and I know it will make ushering in the new Google Maps that much better.

3d buildings was another introduced feature. The new 3d buildings will allow the user to pan down using a double finger gesture and the user will be able to see 3d building block views of the buildings. I am sure within time people will be working on loading textures to these building using Google’s free tools to build and create these buildings. Google Maps to me is already perfect and has taken me out of harms way so many times. It has probably saved my life without me knowing it while navigating me away from roads during a severe storm.

So who will get this new Google Maps upgrade you ask? Only people flexing some 3d chipsets that can handle this load of visuals. Models that are being said to be included in the upgrade are Samsung Galaxy S, Motorola Droid, Motorola, Droid X, Motorola Droid 2, HTC Droid Incredible, HTC Evo 4G, Nexus S, HTC G2. The Nexus One will not get this due to multi-touch issues but that probably won’t stop your local XDA member from ripping and fixing.

Check out the video below of the NEW Google Maps that will be updated in a few days and the sleek previews of Honeycomb and tell us how excited you are in the comments!

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