Virtual Keyboard found (and Enabled!) in webOS 2.0

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Worried that HP wasn’t going to come out with a full touchscreen slate running webOS? Well your fears should be significantly dampened now that developers have found support for a virtual keyboard in the webOS 2.0 SDK.  A little hacking is required to enable it, namely changing a value from False to True, but once done, the keyboard can be brought up by doing a slow vertical swipe from the gesture area or opening the physical keyboard on the Pre 2 and pressing Opt-Sym-K at the same time.  Reports are that the keyboard is definitely not optimized for the Pre 2 and is likely a placeholder for larger devices.  Got a Pre 2 and feel like pecking away at your 3.1″ screen? Get your hacking hands out an enable the keyboard via the directions at the source link and let us know what you think! In the meantime check out the video PreCentral put together demoing the keyboard below!

Remember those references to a Virtual Keyboard that were spied in webOS 2.0 code back in September (and, perhaps, the drama that ensued)? Well, now that webOS 2.0 devices are out in the wild, turns out it’s more than just a reference. Using a Palm Pre 2, WebOS Internals went ahead and dug into the portion of webOS 2.0, entered “VirtualKeyboardEnabled=true” and after a UI restart hit Opt+Sym+K to bring up the software keyboard you see above.

The implementation is still a little buggy, but software keyboard on webOS exists right now – next step is a device that utilizes it. @DontBlameOil of WebOS Internals notes that it also works in landscape mode (until it crashes, that is). We’re ready and waiting to see this live on a future device!

Source: PreCentral

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    Actually this keyboard looks hot – I like the WebOS rounding of everything…