What Time is It? iTorq Time!

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Apple has something up their sleeve? How about a wrist watch that can play your Nano.  This watch will add Nano technology at your finger tips.  The iTorq has a custom aluminum brushed surface that will allow it to conform to the users wrist for added comfort.  Getting caught at work listening to music?  The iTorq will actually change back to its clock face when not in use, while the Cords will be hidden into the users sleeve.You can wipe away those worries.  Leave a comment on this new concept…

If you are looking to wear your Apple Nano on your wrist then this new iTorq wristband might be worth a look. Taking a different slant on the more watch strap designs now available, the iTorq is simply a brushed aluminum bracelet to which your Nano is attached.

According to the designers 4iConcepts attaching the Nano to the iTorq takes only a few seconds, and it can then be easily removed from the wristband if needed.

The iTorq is available either in Matte Black for $74.99 or Stainless Steel for $125.00.

Source: Chipchick

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