White Droid Incredible Available At Best Buy Now

| December 7, 2010 | 1 Reply

The HTC Droid Incredible has been (as Verizon likes to say) nothing short of its name to this point.  A couple months back HTC was offering replacement back plates which came in a vibrant red and super white color for around $25.  The back pieces changed the way I looked at my device and wished that I could change the look of my Droid X as easily.  While I may still be out of luck, it seems as though BestBuy is making it easy for all of you soon to be Incredible owners by offering the device out of the box with the exclusive white backing.  Check out the box shot that was sent to our friends over at DroidLife and hit up your local best buy to see if you can get in on this milky greatness.  Let us know in the comments if you have changed the overall look of your incredible, or if you prefer the stock black look.

HTC did this neat little accessory deal for the Droid Incredible that would allow you to purchase an official white or red back plate to replace the standard black and make your phone look more legit than ever.  We showed you the first set of pictures of both colors (red), but it’s looking now like you can get the white back pre-loaded onto your Incredible should you pick one up at Best Buy.  After owning all 3 back pieces, my advice is hands down for you to pick up a white or red replacement.  The phone looks amazing with either one over that drab blackness.

Source:  DroidLife

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  • Dan Seifert says:

    I do love the white back on my Incredible. Makes people do double takes all the time.