Will the Incredible be unleashed January 6th

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Incredible HD! This is a very exciting time for Verizon Wireless customers.  Verizon has recently unleashed their LTE (4G) service without a device.  Will the Incredible HD aka ‘Mecha’  be the first device?  The platform the Incredible HD is assumed to be Froyo 2.2, but with Gingerbread leaks in the air, this  could easily be the first device to release Gingerbread.   Let us know what you think…

P.S.  You can start pre-ordering Verizon’s first 4G phone December 27th

HTC’s mystery device has surfaced in yet another leak, with new details including a model number and potential name. The handset, which has been referred to as the Incredible HD, is said to carry the model number ADR6400, while “Thunderbolt” has reportedly appeared alongside “Mecha” on internal documents, sources have told Droid-Life.

Specific details have yet to be confirmed, however Verizon has scheduled a keynote speech and 4G event on January 6.

The company earlier today confirmed plans to launch a new device on January 6 at CES, although the teaser simply stated “the first to 4G, again.” A variety of previous leaks suggest the device is the Incredible HD, which is expected to feature the same 4.3-inch LCD as the Desire HD. Aside from LTE 4G support, other rumored specs include a second-generation Snapdragon processor and dual cameras.

Source. Electronista.com

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