Windows Mobile 7 series Marketplace gets hacked!

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It is looking like the Windows Mobile 7 series Marketplace DRM has some pretty glaring security holes, and a couple hackers have been able to prove their concept of hacking the actual marketplace. Although it hasn’t been made public as of yet, the hackers are saying that they have made Microsoft aware of the security flaws. This is pretty big, because if the method was released, it would allow programmers to hack through nearly all the apps in the Windows Mobile Marketplace, paid app or free!

Boy Genius Reports says:

The digital rights management (DRM) security used by Microsoft to protect apps in its Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has been cracked, enthusiast blog WPCentral reports. Though the technology needed to do so is not yet in the hands of the general public, the DRM protecting paid applications can now easily be stripped off of apps. If details of the vulnerability used to achieve the DRM crack are made available to the public, unscrupulous programers could use the exploit to develop software that allows users to steal applications and deploy them to Windows Phone 7 devices. Microsoft has not publicly responded to the security hole, though WPCentral claims the company has been made aware of the issue.

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    Lucky those guys are nice hackers …