Windows Phone 7 Gets An “I Am Rich” App Of Their Own

| December 23, 2010 | Reply

File this under “Really”.  The not so popular “I am Rich” app was introduced August 5th 2008 for the iPhone which cost a mere $1000 to give you a rotating red gem on your screen to show off to all your friends just how rich you truly are.  The app was a flop and was quickly yanked from the App Store, but now it seems as though a slightly different variation is being introduced to another platform.  Windows Phone 7 owners can now go in and check the Marketplace for your version of the “I Am Rich” app at very reasonable (sarcasm) $499 which features a shiny Diamond on your screen which you can show off, YAY!  Check out the screenshot that MobileCrunch was able to get a hold of and be sure to drop us a comment.

Remember that ridiculous $1000 dollar iPhone application, I Am Rich? The one that did nothing but show a tacky static image of a red gem and some silly (and misspelled!) affirmation?

It didn’t last very long on iOS (Apple removed it hours after it went up), but it looks like someone else is trying to see how the idea fairs on another platform: Windows Phone 7.

But wait, there’s more! This one’s just $499! All the same uselessness, for half the price! Must be some sort of unoriginal-idea discount. (Actually, $499 is just the highest price allowed for Apps on the Windows Phone Market)

I’d download it purely for the sake of science, but I’m pretty sure that the higher-ups might have something to say about that expense reimbursement request.

Source:  MobileCrunch

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