Blackberry Curve aka “Sedona” Specs Leaked

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Everything is Droid? Not in this instance, as we bring you leaked content of the pre-released Blackberry Curve aka “Sedona”. This phone will be the next generation of handsets that Blackberry offers. The phones physical look has not changed from the original, except the trackpad, but this phone carries a larger processor and RAM than any previous version.  Look for this phone to possibly run the new 6.1 OS as well. Blackberry Curve enthusiasts should be excited over this next generation of the Curve.  Will this full QWERTY, non-touch screen Blackberry keep up with the iPhone and Droid devices?  Only time will, so leave us a message and let us know what you think.

Welcome folks. This is our latest episode of the mysteriously leaking Blackberry handsets. Post CES 2011, numerous Blackberry handsets have leaked in the wild and have managed to stir excitement on the blogosphere and capture our interests.

We’ve already seen the Blackberry Dakota, Blackberry Torch 2 with amended tech specs and the Blackberry Storm 3 (aka Monaco) leaking for some barbarian-yet-convincing photoshoots earlier, and now another Blackberry smartphone has followed the suite.

It’s a new Blackberry Curve handset apparently codenamed as “Sedona”. It’s thin and beautiful and of course, if has got all the genes of a typical Blackberry smartphone. Infact, in some cases even better than that.

Although, the Sedona hasn’t been labelled with a typical Blackberry model number yet, it is internally known as R010. As for its tech specs, we are looking at a 2.4-inch HVGA display at 480×360 pixels, a 5 megapixel camera with flash and much more.
While connectivity options include Bluetooth 2.1and Wi-Fi connectivity, the device will also sport NFC hardware which allows the Sedona to communicate wirelessly with other NFC-based devices in the vicinity, onboard GPS and Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE technology. Gracing the 800MHz Tavor MG-1 processor is a unit 512 MB of RAM flanked by about 512MB of eMMC.

It is interesting to see so many Blackberry devices surfacing unofficially prior to their official announcement or launch. However, we can’t help but ideate that in the least of the possibilities — this could be, perhaps, a strategic move by RIM to tease the handsets via controlled leaks to the consumers and and keep reminding of Blackberry’s presence in the smartphone market now dominated by Apple iPhone and Google Android-based phones.

We are not ruling out any possibilities, really. No offence intended. As a matter of fact, all this happens to be nothing more than speculations and rumors. So, hold yourself for an official announcement which should be datelined before the Q1 ends — maybe. And when it goes live, expect us to hit back with a post accounting more details.

Oh yes, did we mention that it’s just 11mm thick which makes it is enticing enough to draw your attention. There’s nary a word on the Blackberry Sedona launch date, pricing or official unveiling, but we will keep you posted as more details surface.

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