A taste of Honey!

| January 26, 2011 | Reply

Well look what I stumbled upon browsing the web tonight, 2 new wallpapers for you Android phone courtesy of the newly released Honeycomb SDK!
One is the wallpaper we have all seen from CES and the on hands of the XOOM tablet in all those teaser videos and is now yours!

The Second one is my favorite and I have a feeling will be your too! This one is the same wallpaper from the XOOM tablet but has the added “easter egg” that is found in the Honeycomb SDK a Honeycomb themed bee Andy!! I already got this one rocking on my 3 Android devices and they look great on almost any size screen.

What exactly is an “easter egg”? Well it’s a little piece of surprise code that will show up during a specified timeframe that the coder set… so in other words just a nice little surprise from the coders at Google!

Thanks goes out to Android Central where I came across the info that the cool Honeycomb Andy bee!

Remember the Easter egg in Gingerbread? There’s also one lurking in Honeycomb. Not quite as scary as its Gingerbread counterpart, but no less cool. Thanks, Matt!

Source: Android Central

UPDATE: Hey guys, don’t tell Aaryn I hijacked his post but I wanted to throw the original “City Wallpaper” in the mix which was on the Moto Xoom!

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