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I would not call this leak week, but the official announcement of AMD 1GB version of the Radeon HD6950 2GB has been confirmed this week.  AMD is Intel’s arch nemeses of high quality processors around the world.   With the leaked knowledge of the 1GB processor, people will have the opportunity for a high quality processor at a more cost efficient price.  The AMD 1GB will feature dual slot cooler with a 800Mhz core clock keeping this processor working at blazing speeds.  Time will tell how Intel responds to this new processor and the new market of consumers it will be reaching.

AMD’s plans to launch a 1GB version of its existing Radeon HD 6950 2GB design appears to have been confirmed ahead of the official announcement, thanks to an over-eager hardware partner.

According to a product page on board partner HIS’ website, the AMD Radeon HD 6950 1GB will feature exactly the same specifications as its 2GB sibling, but only half the RAM – with a corresponding drop in price.

The HIS Radeon HD 6950 1GB features a two-slot cooler, while its GPU has an 800MHz core clock. Meanwhile, the 1GB of GDDR5 memory is clocked at 5000MHz (effective) and is addressed via a 256-bit bus. As with the original 2GB model, the card also includes a pair of DVI connections, a pair of mini DisplayPorts and a single HDMI output wtih integrated 7.1 digital audio.

The new card keeps the 40nm GPU of its predecessor, meaning that power requirements and heat output are unchanged from the original design, with HIS recommending a 500W power supply as a bare minimum for both models.

The lowered memory of the AMD Radeon 6950 1GB will translate to an as-yet unknown saving at retail – a move the company is clearly hoping will stem the threat from Nvidia’s latest entries to its GeForce 500-series of GPUs. The forthcoming GeForce GTX 560, for example, is also rumoured to come with 1GB of memory.

The big question, of course, is how the cut in RAM might impact gaming performance at higher-resolutions with lots of anti-aliasing enabled. If you’re more interested in pushing up your game settings at lower resolutions, then 1GB cards such as this could be worth considering, especially if they’re priced significantly cheaper than their 2GB brethren.

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  • Urufu Shinjiro says:

    Your article is worded a little strangely, this is a graphics card, not a processor (yes I know technically it’s a processor but not in the common terminology). You say they are rivaling intel with this “processor” but intel does not make graphics cards…

    • Srenninger says:

      Your point is noted. The clarity of this article is vague and there were some errors on my behalf and I apologize. Thank you for clarification on this matter.