Android 2.4 for Mobile devices. Not Honeycomb, just more Gingerbread?

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Worried that your Android phone wont see another update past Gingerbread 2.3? Don’t worry just yet, a Dutch site claims that Google’s not quite done with all the Gingerbread goodness yet.  The site says that we can expect an incremental build that seems to feature miscellaneous addons and tweaks Google might not have had time to include in 2.3.  This all comes after they say they played with an early 2.4 build on a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc.

Engadget says:

Things like a new animation when deleting icons off the home screen, to much bigger features like visible video calling hooks.  Unfortunately, said hooks didn’t seem to be tied to any video calling-enabled Google Talk client, but considering how early this build seems to be, there’s reason to believe they’ll add it in by launch time.

Source Engadget.

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  • TheRealBeesley says:

    I’m pretty sure 2.6.32 kernel is from Froyo 2.2, So how could this be updated Gingerbread if it doesnt even have the correct 2.6.35 kernel? I call Fakesies.