Android users, beware of the Zombie Apocalypse and Malware!

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Okay so maybe you don’t need to worry about Zombies today, but be careful, the Zombie apocalypse could be just around the corner!  But one thing you are used to worrying about on your PC or Mac might just start affecting your Android Device someday, yep Malware.  A researcher named Georgia Weidman has reportedly been able to cook up some Android phone based Malware in her lab and although Georgia says Android security is very good, it could be the start to a very nasty malware apocalypse.  Read on and let us know what you think.

Gizmodo says:

Researcher Georgia Weidman developed the Android-based malware in her lab, which is believed to the the first botnet making use of phones. As Technology Review points out, botnets are used to attack other devices and commit cybercrimes, such as spamming and DDOSing. Weidman’s phone-based botnet can even interfere with the phone’s communication functions.

While Weidman says that phones have pretty good security layers now, viruses and malware on smartphones will become an issue in the future. She plans to present her research at the Shmoocon hacking conference next week.

Source Gizmodo.

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  • OnMy2ndGP says:

    Only a matter of time indeed. If only those evil developers would use their brains for good…

  • Matt G says:

    I can do a number of this stuff with a simple script. It just needs to be activated somehow by the user. I do a bunch of weird stuff with my anti kang script. I make the phone go into airplane mode, turn the volume up and down, make the notification bar go up and down non stop, email me the users phone number, go to websites, delete apps, wipe app data, and turn off the touch screen.