Apple Said to Be Dropping Home Button From Future iPad and iPhone Models

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BGR just came out with some interesting information regarding future iPad and iPhone models from Apple: the iconic home button will be no more.   According to their source, the next versions of these devices will drop the button entirely and rely on the multi-touch gestures seen in the iOS 4.3 SDK that was just released to developers for application switching and navigation.  The gestures, which incorporate 4 and 5 fingers, seem to have pulled some ideas from webOS and the gestures that are enabled on the trackpads on MacBooks for the Exposé function.  Users will be able to swipe to the left and right to switch between applications as well as swipe down to reveal the array of icons to launch new apps.  This is also reminiscent of Google’s decision to design their Android 3.0 Honeycomb version to be fully usable without any hardware buttons on the front of the device.  Check out the source link for more info and let us know what you think of these changes in the comments!

We just got some pretty wild information from one of our Apple sources and while it’s hard to believe at first, it does make sense. We have exclusively been told that the reason Apple just added multitouch gestures for the iPad in the latest iOS 4.3 beta is because the iPad will be losing the home button. Yes, we are told that Apple, at some point in time, will remove the home button from the iPad’s design. Instead of button taps, you will use new multitouch gestures to navigate to the home screen and also to launch the app switcher.

That’s not all, however. In addition to the home button disappearing from the iPad, we’re told that this change will make its way over to the iPhone as well. Our source said Apple employees are already testing iPads and iPhones with no home buttons on the Apple campus, and it’s possible we will see this new change materialize with the next-generation iPad and iPhone devices set to launch this year.

Additionally, we’re told Apple’s popular photo-taking application, Photo Booth, will be appearing on the next iPad. It’s also very possible that we’ll see iLife apps for iOS unveiled around the iPad 2 release as well.

It has been said that Steve Jobs didn’t want any physical buttons on the original iPhone at first, and it looks like he may soon get his wish.

Source: BGR

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