BBM…Coming to a Droid Near You?

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If any of you Android users, like me, had a Blackberry first, you may find there are a few things you miss now and then. For me, the biggest thing is BBM. Good news! We might not have to miss it for much longer. A Droid-Life reader had noticed that there was an app called Motorola Messenger on the Droid Bionic. And perhaps, if we’re lucky, this app might be similar to Blackberry Messenger. Check out the short video below, and let us know if you miss BBM and what your hopes are for this Motorola Messenger. What feature can’t you live without?

One of our amazing readers just pointed out the fact that there was an app called “Motorola Messenger” loaded onto the DROID BIONIC that we totally missed during our short-but-awesome time with the device at CES.  Although we didn’t actually open it, we’re hoping that this is a Blackberry Messenger-styled app for Motorola devices.  BBM has been one of the most missed apps for anyone switching over to Android, so it’s about time that one of the manufacturers attempted something like this.  Of course the problem here is that it will likely only work with Moto devices, which means no chit-chatting with the Incredible friends.

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