Black Diamond iPhone Dock Putting You in a Good Mood?

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Yantouch has developed a very nifty product for the iPhone. It’s called the Black Diamond…and while it’s really pretty to look at, it’s also useful. On its own, it’s just a shiny, black sphere. Pop in the iPhone 4 running the Black Diamond app, and that black sphere turns into a mood lamp. It actually senses sounds–so you can tap nearby and make it change colors. But, it doesn’t stop there. While you’re mellowing out to the colors, it charges your phone. Oh–and one more cool thing. It also amplifies the sounds from your phone from the bottom of the sphere. Yantouch’s plan is to add more features to the Black Diamond, such as an outdoor temperature indicator or caller id tagging. Yantouch is also thinking about creating an Android version. If they do, this is certainly something I’d want. For you iPhone users, the iPhone Black Diamond dock is $79. Let us know what you think–especially if you’re planning on purchasing one of these!

While we weren’t busy kicking up dust on the CES floors, we sat down with Taiwan-based Yantouch to have a fiddle with its latest product, the Black Diamond. When not in use, it really is just a gorgeous spherical black diamond, or at least its faceted front half is; but slip in an iPhone 4 with the Black Diamond app enabled, and you get a funky sound sensitive mood lamp. On top of that, the dock also charges up your iPhone while it shows off its colors, and somewhere at the bottom there’s some black magic that channels out amplified audio from the phone, although actual speakers would be even nicer.

Ultimately, Yantouch sees the Black Diamond as a developing platform for potential applications like an outdoor temperature indicator, or some sort of caller ID color tagging tool for seeing from afar who’s calling. If all goes well, Yantouch will even consider making an Android version, but we’re not sure if the $79 price tag will immediately catch on. Anyhow, check out our hands-on video after the break.

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