Breaking: Blackberry To Release the Phone They Should Have Released 2 Years Ago

| January 13, 2011 | 2 Replies

BGR has yet another interesting mobile scoop this morning: a photo of the Blackberry Dakota, a full QWERTY device with a touch screen above the keyboard, but no sliding action, akin to original Palm Treos.  It has the original Bold 9000 styling but with quite a few tweaks in addition to the touch screen, namely HD video recording, mobile hotspot and a magnetometer (ummm, ok).  The screen also is said to have a ridiculous 640×480 resolution packed into a 2.8″ size. Can you say pixel density?  It is supposedly running Blackberry OS 6.1 as well.  Check out the image below and hit up the source link for the full rundown.  Is this the Blackberry of your dreams now or is it just too little and wayyyyyyyyy too late? Let us know what you think in the comments!

We just got our hands on the first ever photo of the BlackBerry Dakota — you know, the device that’s going to sit right at the head of the BlackBerry family dinner table. What about the specifications for the BlackBerry Dakota? What, you thought we’d skimp out on you? How about the famous original Bold styling, HD video recording, NFC, 3G Mobile hotspot, magnetometer and much, much more! Full specs after the break!

Source: BGR

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  • Jpsandscl says:

    BB screens are still too small for my aging (ageing?) eyes.