Coming DroidX2 Dual Core and Incredible Global?

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The rumors have already started for the next generation of Droid X2 and the Incredible 2. With inspiration Motorola has given for dual-core processor, they may just be adding another phone to their line of dual-core phones the Bionic and Atrix with the Droid X2. This is very exciting news for VZW customers as the Bionic is only sporting 512MB of Ram. Could the Droid X2 be 1Ghz of RAM? Only time will tell. The other interesting word on the street is that the Incredible 2 will become a global phone. This would not be much of a surprise as Verizon is known for its phones and global capabilities. As Droid looks to become a mainstay in the industry, a global phone would be an important play in the market.

Fresh off of our news yesterday that Verizon is planning to release updated versions of the DROID X, DROID 2 and Incredible, we’ve received some additional tips that could really spice things up. I do want to make sure you all understand that these should be taken as “rumor” for now since details on phone releases change on a daily basis with carriers, but we thought these were juicy enough to share.

DROID X2 is rumored to be a Tegra 2 dual-core device. We had heard it was going to be clocked at 1GHz and were initially a little disappointed, but after hearing from one of our guys that it could be dual-core, that speed no longer bothered us and actually made sense. It also will not be 4G just as we figured. A current Verizon timeline has it slated for a May release.

The Incredible 2 could wind up as a global device. I’m not hearing any signs that it will just be a re-hashed version of the supposedly-cancelled Merge, but another bigger-screened Incredible (4″) with a new radio. Current Verizon timeline suggests a March release date. Seems early? I thought so too.

And lastly, we’re hearing May for the DROID BIONIC.

Again, all rumors for now, but we just like to share the latest info from our guys on the inside

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