Droid Incredible can stop a bullet : Incredible?

| January 7, 2011 | Reply

An Atlanta local was working as a valet for a club one night as some guys were escorted out of a bar near the valet. The guys were disgruntled by getting kicked out of the club and came back bearing some rounds of ammo from a pair of guns. Bullets flew everywhere and shot the valet that was outside of the club, luckily his cell phone saved his live. Now this has to be a miracle times infinity, I could never imagine that my phone would be in a perfect spot when a hail of gunfire comes ripping through. This man’s phone of course got destroyed and as you see the bullet stopped right at the battery and never went farther. Next time you think about how much a smartphone is, keep thinking about the build quality that goes in to one of these devices as well, who knows it could save your life one day! Check out the video below from the associated press to see this miracle and the HTC Incredible battery disguised as an angel below.

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