Early Preview of Vivaz 2 by Ericsson

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The Vivaz 2 has an early preview before release.  The updates to this phone are extraordinary in comparison to the previous version.  The product is a little bigger thicker and heavier which adds substance to this device.  The MT15i kept the glossy plastic face, which has been known to leave finger prints.  Multi-touch is supported this time with no limitations.  One of the interesting things I came across is for battery life holding up for 2 dats with moderate use coming in at 1500mAh.  The camera will be outstanding on this device with EXMOR technology.  Their have been some minor changes to the UI: “options to present applications alphabetically, in accordance with the frequency of use and time of installation is present along with an option to rearrange them as the user wants.”  All in all this phone has made leaps and bounds from its predecessor.  This is not the best in its class, but for you Ericsson lovers this will be a great phone to own.

The Specs:

-1GHz Qualcomm MSM7630

-Adreno 205 graphics

-512MB of RAM w/almost 300MB available for storage

-4″ screen with 854 x 480 (maximum available resolution in Android phones)

-1500 mAh BA700 battery

-Bluetoothe supports all available profiles

-Wi-Fi All available encryption standards are supported

-Camera 8MP sensor labeled as an EXMOR sensor from Sony

-Video Production 720p

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