February 17th… XOOM day? Best Buy says YES!

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Yes the day is getting closer and closer that we all can have our very own Motorola XOOM tablet loaded with some fresh Honeycomb goodness, but a lot has been and still is a mystery about the device. Earlier this week the minimum advertised price of a huge $799.99 was leaked and now we might even have a launch date to go a long with it. Today a screenshot of an internal Best Buy memo clearly states the XOOM to launch on February 17th going nicely with other speculated launch dates floating around. Valentines day February 14th was also being tossed around as the launch date but maybe pegged for a pre sale or pre launch sort of thing! Come on Verizon How much do you love us?!?!

Anyone out there excited as I am for the XOOM to launch? More excited for Honeycomb to finally be out in the wild? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

When our sources informed us of Motorola XOOM pricing yesterday afternoon, we were left without an actual launch date, but assumed it was still on track for mid-February.  And today, a screenshot out of some sort of Best Buy internal system popped up showing a target date of February 17, which is about as good of a time as anyone could predict.  The 17th is a Thursday, and I think we all know how Verizon feels about Thursdays.  We had been hearing Valentine’s Day, so maybe we’ll get a pre-sale on that day?

As always, we’ll be digging for further confirmation.

Via:  Engadget

Source: Droid Life

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