Fueling Your car with Air Cleansing Biolamp

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Technology is on the rise to bring clean air globally.  The use of ‘Biolamp’ has been in the works for the past couple of years. The concept is to transform the bi-product “CO2″ or smog into a useful fuel source.  Carbon dioxide is lethal to the human body and can help contribute to global warming. ‘Biolamp’ is working to make CO2 a readily usable fuel to create an eco-friendly smog free world. This concept will revolutionize the capabilities of alternative fuel sources for our planet.  Read more below and leave a comment on what you think of this.

The Biolamp is designed to convert carbon dioxide into fuel. This fuel is meant to power the street lamps at night, as well as eco-friendly vehicles. It features a pump that literally sucks the smog and other contaminants out of the air. Inside, there’s a liquid made from alga and mixed with water. During the day, the Biolamp pulls the smog into the spiral system where the water and CO2 are used to transform the alga into a biomass. Some of it is deposited into the lamp itself to power it during the night.

The rest of the biomass is then filtered through a pipe system underground to a facility that will transform it into usable fuel for eco cars. Seems like a lot of work, especially with the underground tubes to transport the biomass, but the Biolamp’s ability to clean the air, as well as provide a seemingly limitless amount of biomass to change into biofuel makes it a unique enough design.
While we’ve seen concept designs recently really focus on helping the environment in one fashion or another, we haven’t seen many that actually focus on two separate causes at once, and aim to fix both of them with one device. The Biolamp concept design is meant to not only clean the air, but also fuel eco cars. The design implements solar energy, as well as the usage of a specialized liquid to make the magic happen.

Inhaling dirty smog, when all you want to do is cross the street, isn’t pleasant. The Biolamp is a street lamp with a core focus of converting all that city smog into biofuel to power eco-friendly cars.
Hungarian designer, Peter Horvath’s Biolamp isn’t just a pole that lights up the street. Horvath’s concept street lamp would suck up all that harmful carbon dioxide generated from pollution and convert it into useful biofuel for eco-friendly cars. A liquid called alga, when mixed with water is what transforms the carbon dioxide into oxygen, thereby pumping out cleaner air for citizens to breathe in.

Aside from using the Biolamp’s biofuel to power cars, the fuel can also be used to power the lamp itself. It’s two-pronged design would simply make cities more eco-friendly. Three cities that could use the Biolamp ASAP? New York City, Hong Kong and Las Vegas. These are some of the most polluted cities I’ve ever been to.

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