Game by a 14 Year Old Kid Shoos Angry Birds from Apple’s Top Charts

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Just imagine years ago when it took a team of scientist like minds to develop games and applications. Those days are obviously over when you hear that just a 14-year-old kid managed to take everyone’s popular game “Angry Birds” by Rovio down a notch on the top charts and take the top position. The kid’s name is Robert Nay and his physics based ball game is called “Bubble Ball.” He explains that “The game challenges players to use objects and gravity to guide a ball to its destination.” Sounds simple enough but it still takes a lot of coding and learning on his part. He chose to go through a simpler path than learning Objective-C and looked around for an application to assist him in coding. Robert found an application named “Corona Tools” which aided him in the build of the game that landed him in front of Rovio in the App Store. What’s even better than you whipping out these apps? Robert’s mom Kari helps him with submission and all the other side work that is involved. Robert is making a pretty good life for himself early, which just shows how much the world of mobile technology is providing income to the youth of today. Gone are the days of working through the restaurant chains and fast food places to learn the value of a dollar, all you need now is a developer account and some good ole fashion know how.

From everyone at we would like to say Good Job Robert, keep the apps progressing!

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