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Well this should brighten up the day for some! The Official Playstation app was released in the Android market for the UK and other European markets today but you know the devs were hard at work getting this for us over in the states and t seems to have been successful! Thanks to Playstation they have posted the APK for download on rooted and non rooted phones alike! Since this is a non US released app some of the features will not work yet but it’s still nice to get a sneak peak and take a look around the app which is stated for US release sometime soon(hopefully).

Hit up download link and let us know what you find!


The official Playstation app landed in the UK and other European markets today, but our pals over atPlaystation LifeStyle have already posted the .apk for U.S. customers to enjoy.  Some of the features won’t work as it wasn’t meant for the U.S, but you might as well check it out and hope we see this stateside sooner rather than later.  Talk about a polished app, right here.

Download:  pxsandroid.apk

Install that as you would any 3rd party .apk file.

Via:  Playstation LifeStyle

Source: Droid Life

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