GM and Powermat Combine Forces

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GM makes a big move by joining forces with Powermat, to create wireless charging in their vehicles. Technology is branching out into various industries to create an easier world for us to enjoy our gadgets. “Powermat Mats are designed to work in a range of locations and environments. Whether you are looking to charge a single device on an end table or night stand, multiple devices on a desk or countertop or take the ultimate in convenient charging with you on the road, there is a Powermat solution that is right for you and your needs.” We can now add cars/trucks/SUV’s to the list of possibilities for Powermat’s to be  used in.  I am sure that Tablet’s are on the horizon to become a part of the car industry with the ever-expanding market and versatility of these devices, which would be a great addition to car industry.  Time will tell, but one thing is for sure a variety industries are catching on as the mobile world accelerates in the world.

General Motors signed an agreement with Powermat, a company which sells cordless charging units for home use, which is depicting future possibilities of recharging cars without plugging them in. According to the deal which is expected to be announced in the Consumer Electronic show in Las Vegas General Motors (GM) is taking $5 million shares in Powermat.
GM aims to install Powermat units in its new Chevrolet Volt extended-range electric car and it is expected to begin showing up in vehicles within about 18 months.   The plug-in Volt will account for a center compartment for both front- and rear-seat passengers. Electronic devices would be placed for recharging in those compartments.
Micky Bly, executive director for GM electrical systems, said that CES is the best platform to display this technology in which a fully charged volt could be driven on 25 miles or more on electric power alone.

Source: Techweek

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