Google TV Rooted : Only if You Like to Solder

| January 6, 2011 | Reply

Good news and in the same sense bad news. I was hoping this is an easy run a script via adb or even throw an apk on the device, run, root, and enjoy but that is not the case this time around. Google TV was infact hacked and can load applications on to it with ease and can be seen int he two videos below for proof purpose. I wish I had the guts to rip open my set top box but I would never ruin that piano finish just to get through Hulu’s grasps. If you up to the challenge and like to solder and want to get your feet wet while making an awesome papaerwieght has your guide to root. This is of course for development and educational use only and I am sure within time we will get a much easier way that doesn’t require you to have a non updated Logitech Revue box but right now this is what we have so be thankful. Chris B on the team should be very happy as we are one step closer to Angry Birds on the big screen!

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