HTC Scribe will be announced at the Mobile World Congress?

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As CES 2011 is only just a couple of days away there has been a lot of questions surrounding HTC, and what they would potentially be unveiling.  For starters they don’t have any exhibition space, but that will not stop them from announcing two new Android powered smartphones when they partner with Verizon Wireless to announce the Incredible HD/Mecha/Thunderbolt/VeVo, and the EVO Shift 4G that they will be offering through Sprint.  Perhaps the biggest question as of late is when will we see the newest rumored device, HTC’s 7″ Tablet known as the Scribe?  It seems as though DigiTimes is now reporting that the Scribe may not be announced until the Mobile World Congress conference which is in Barcelona in February.  They are also reporting that the Scribe will be running Android software version 3.0 so it sounds like this one will be worth the wait.  Let us know what you think down below.  Could this be too little too late for HTC at this point, or is the smartphone giant entering the Tablet game at just the right time?

The Taiwanese rumor mill that is DigiTimes has let go another tablet-based prognostication. In a post today, the blog asserts that HTC will release its 7-inch Scribe tablet at the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona this February. The report, which also mentions that the Scribe will be running Android 3.0, cites “Taiwan based makers of components” as the source of its information. HTC, who was one of the first major phone manufacturers to jump on the Android bandwagon, has been noticeably absent from the tablet market — an absence that may work in the company’s favor if this rumor turns out to be true. It’s all speculative at this point, but we know HTC won’t be on the tablet-sidelines forever.

Source: DigiTimes Via  BGR

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