HTC Thunderbolt coming soonish? Verizon employees getting trained about the device as we speak…

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Great news everyone, AndroidCentral got a little info about Verizon starting to train employees about the upcoming HTC Thunderbolt.  No there isn’t a release date yet, but from the slide you can see that Verizon employees are being given info about it now, so can’t be to long right?  Hopefully more info will get leaked out soon, in the meantime read on and let us know when you think it will be available.

AndroidCentral says:

The bad news: We still don’t know when the HTC Thunderbolt will be available on Verizon. The good news: If the above pic is any indication, it looks like training has begun. So it likely won’t be too long now before you’ll be able to get your hands on that hunk-a-hunk-a-burning LTE goodness.

Source AndroidCentral.

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  • Dan Seifert says:

    Interesting point made in that slide, “First VZW device with simultaneous voice and data capabilities”, contradicting what we had heard earlier that LTE would not support that initially.