HTC Thunderbolt’s RUU already leaked!

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If you’re like me and want to see all the interworkings of the HTC Thunderbolt before you run to your local Verizon store and pick one up on launch day then this post is for you! Today over at Android Central the HTC Thunderbolt’s RUU (software to you and me) was leaked! The Thunderbolt is packing a huge 500MB system dump for you to download and dig around in for stuff like wallpapers, ringtones and ect.

Anyone check out the system dump yet? Anything exciting you have found so far? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

The freshly announced HTC Thunderbolt is still a little while out for Verizon, but that hasn’t stopped the phone’s RUU from leaking. And with that comes a system dump measuring a whopping 500MB, of which not  lick of Bing has been uncovered so far.

An evening meeting between a group of us press folk and HTC PR revealed some interesting tid-bits about the hardware design of the new handset, including antenna located in the removable plastic battery cover to allow for a unibody metal casing without hampering signal strength. Another cool fun fact is HTC’s adoption of a policy to always expose some of the internal elements of the phone for those extra-techy brownie points. In the case of the Thunderbolt it is the vibrating motor, which you can see in this video capture by our friends over at Android Central.

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