Huge Leak of Proposed Specs for HP’s New Tablet and Touchstone Released

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Precentral got their hands on a whopper of a leak of specifications and plans for HP’s 9.7″ tablet codenamed Topaz that is expected to be released later this year.

Building on the knowledge that we got from last week’s leaks, the Topaz looks to be right in line to compete with the iPad (well, the current iPad at least) when it arrives.  The screen, which is oleophobic Gorilla glass, is the same size and resolution of the iPad; 9.7″ and 1024×768 pixels.  It appears that HP is forgoing the NVIDIA Tegra processors that a lot of the Android tablets will be using this year and instead is opting for 1.2GHz, dual-core, Snapdragon-based processor from Qualcomm with an Adreno 220 GPU handling the graphics processing needs.

Apparently, in addition to the HP and Palm branding that will be on the device, there will also be Beats audio branding so hopefully it will be capable of kickin’ out some serious jams.  Capacities will be 16GB, 32GB and 64GB and it will have 512MB of RAM.

It seems there will only be one camera on the device, a user-facing 1.3MP job that will be utilized for personal glamor shots and video conferencing.  HP has plans to support both Skype and Google Talk in addition to webOS device to webOS device conferencing.

Versions of the tablet will come in WiFi only, HSPA, LTE and CDMA arriving much later.   There will be two 3150mAh batteries in it with an expected life of 8 hours on a charge.

Moving on to the Touchstone info that has leaked, the Topaz will have Touchstone support for inductive charging, but it will require a new, larger Touchstone to rest on.  In addition to the new hardware design, HP is planning to release TouchstoneV2, which will include Bluetooth radio support for wirelessly streaming of video, audio and other content.  There is a litany of things that  HP plans to incorporate wireless sharing with, from music to pictures to video to printing services.  It should be interesting to see if all of them come to fruition and how well each feature will actually work.

Finally, HP plans to create  “Cloud Canvas” suite of cloud-based sharing services but details were pretty scant from the leaks on this.

What do you think of this new information?  Is it enough of a differentiator for HP and Palm to compete in the soon to be very crowded tablet market? Some of these ideas seem pretty new and intriguing so we are anxious to see how things will pan out.  February 9th can’t come soon enough!

We’ve received a massive document detailing HP’s plans for the Topaz webOS slate from last year. While these details aren’t final, what we know is that HP is planning to make the Topaz highly competitive with the iPad from both a hardware and a software perspective. We’ve got a better idea of the specs, we’ve got prototype photos, we’ve got plans, and plenty more.

Source: PreCentral

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