It’s Unofficially Official – Fascinate gets Froyo!

| January 25, 2011 | Reply

After months of anger and maintenance updates for the device that was once thought of as a flagship for Verizon Wireless’ Android phones, it appears we may actually be getting Android 2.2 this time. We know, you’ve heard that before. Many times before. While it may seem like every week there is a rumor stating 2.2 would be released “in a few days”, you can count on this one being the real deal! It’s semi-ironic that our upgrade to android 2.2 will not be from Samsung releasing the software, as many would agree they should have done months ago, but from our developers. These developers toil long and hard, chatting with each other in IRC chat rooms while you sleep. Their work may be done behind the scenes, but the results of their efforts are always noticed.

Earlier today, we were made aware that a leaked copy of the Android 2.2 (Froyo) build for the Samsung Fascinates had been obtained by two of the most active developers for the device, Punk Kaos (known for his incredible Droid Eris work) and JT1134 (known for his role in the Fascinate Development). As stated by Punk Kaos’ twitter account:

“Ok, since JT let it out of the bag already, yes we DO have a Fascinate 2.2 leak. No you can’t have it yet.”

The leaked firmware is currently being scrubbed of any and all watermarks that may allow the source to be traced. Since we don’t want the source of the leak to be traced (which could very easily put an end to that persons career), we sit and wait patiently. Now, this leak is not just a kernel, or ROM, it is the entire 2.2 package built specifically for the Samsung Fascinate. We will certainly stay on top of this story as it develops, and let everyone know where they can find this beautiful piece of software once it is made public.

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