Jon Stewart is totally getting a Verizon iPhone!

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We here at Gizmo Ninja are all about bringing you the best in Tech news but we also like to bring a smile to a couple faces while doing it and this story will definitely do that for you. Are you planning on picking up a shiny new Verizon iPhone 4? Well join the likes of Jon Stewart of the popular Daily Show as he recently rejoiced and raved about the Verizon announcement. He also of course throws some pretty funny jabs at AT&T saying he can now use “the world’s most popular ALMOST phone” as an actual phone!! We included the clip which is a nice seven minutes long and full of those sharp-witted jabs at ol At&T.

You guys finally excited to see the iPhone on Verizon? Drop us a comment below and let us know! Enjoy…

Were you excited about¬†yesterday’s iPhone announcement? Not so much as The Daily Show, which spent a whole seven minutes and 18 seconds out of its 30 minutes of programming to celebrate the announcement — and certainly not sparing the whip when it comes to AT&T. Jon Stewart appeared to be somewhat excited, screaming in excitement at being able to use “the world’s most popular almost phone” as, well, an actual phone. See it for yourself below.

Source: Engadget

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Verizon iPhone Announcement
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