LG 3D Phone Set to Launch Next Month?

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LG’s promised Optimus 3D smartphone made an appearance before it’s debut at MWC 2011. The Dutch retailer The Carphone Warehouse has put up a coming soon page for the smartphone, although exact specifications of this phone are unknown.  Optimus Team director James Choi confirmed that “3D mobile display is one technology that isn’t 3-5 years down the road”, so this information comes to us as no surprise.  The expected launch date is February 14th, 2011.  How truthful is this add and will we truly see this phone launch in February? Launching of this phone you can guarantee there will be no shortage of amazement as this phone makes its debut.  If true, this phone will give the world an idea of where smartphones are and will be going in the coming future.

The telecom chain The Phone House is on its website reporting the LG 3D Optimus. Chances are that LG looks at the Mobile World Congress sets out its first smartphone will announce 3D.

The Phone House has a special page on its website for expected equipment furnished . This page is a new smartphone from LG called the LG to see 3D Optimus . The website makes no mention of any specifications of the device and the image of the device does not seem to correspond to the final model. The chain already has an image of Optimus One device used but the title speaks volumes of the unit.

The chance seems likely that LG will soon, probably next month at the Mobile World Congress, a 3D-called smartphone will announce the Optimus 3D. This 3D technology was already in the first tablet of LG are now in its details were leaked . The smartphone is expected to 3D images and videos can record and play without any glasses.

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