Mail in rebates becoming a thing of the past on Verizon?

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Well this is some awesome news to take you into your weekend… Our friends over at Droid Life are getting word from Verizon that they are planning on ending their mail in rebate program on January 3rd! How is this good news for us? Well think about it… have you ever liked to send in those mail in rebate forms along with a copy of your receipt? Verizon is looking to change that on all devices $150 and up!  Remember back to when you bought your last phone it was usually about $100 more than usual since you would have to mail in the rebate to get the final full discounted price. So now that $299.99 Motorola DroidX would only be $199.99 in store!! WOW! Droid Life is hearing that devices under that cap may still have to deal with the mail in rebate option.

So Ninjas excited about the Big Red ditching the mail ins and going instant? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

We’re hearing word out of Verizon’s camp today that after changing their upgrade and return policies, they also plan on shaking things up in the rebate game.  Now before anyone gets their underoos in a twist, think about what this means.  You can’t tell me that any of you actually enjoyed the rebate process?  In fact, I know that I have asked reps for years now if they can just hack off the rebate instantly so that I don’t have to deal with them.

Under the new rebate policy, all phones $150 and above will no longer have mail-in-rebates, but devices under $150 could still see them.  So instead of walking into a store and seeing a DROID X at $299 plus $100 MIR, you’ll now just see the device at $199.  Pretty good news if you ask me.  We know that the reps we’ve talked to are excited about it.

These changes go live on January 31.

Cheers Spaniard!

Source: Droid Life

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