Motorola Atrix 4G coming to an AT&T near you on March 1st?

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Looking for some “4G” love from AT&T? Tired of that iPhone 3 or even iPhone 4? Well AT&T has a monster of a phone for you. The Motorola Atrix 4G easily stole the show this year at CES as far as WOW factor in my opinion with its mini desktop computer, HD dock and of course its dual core processor and now it finally may have a launch date to go along with all that awesomeness. Our friends over at Android Central got a nice screen shot of a supposed AT&T internal screen showing March 1st and the SKU number 65230! As of right now no official word from AT&T or Motorola have come out giving a date for the device to launch but the recent Bell launch of their Atrix teaser site went live so hopefully the AT&T version is not too far behind!

You think this is the date the Atrix will launch, Sad to see this phone not come to Verizon first? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

The Motorola Atrix 4G (check out our hands-on) on AT&T easily is one of the hottest phones to come out of CES, with its dual-core processor, the very cool laptop dock and the even cooler HD dock, which basically turns your smartphone into a mini-desktop computer with Firefox browser.

But one thing we didn’t get out of CES was a launch date. It’s possible we have that now, thanks to a leaked internal AT&T screen showing March 1, 2011, and the SKU of 65230. (There’s a much bigger pic showing all this and a whole bunch of specs after the break.)

We say this launch date is “possible” above because AT&T routinely launches phones on Sunday — March 1 is a Tuesday. That doesn’t mean it’s not the date, but it also breaks from tradition. That said, it also matches what Android Central Forums memberBloodiedWraith mentioned a day ago. Right now we’ll leave this as “possible,” but it’s starting to look good. Thanks, anon!

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