Motorola Atrix : Phone, Desktop, Laptop, and Media Center All In One

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In today’s world we have to use several devices to do the same exact thing. What if there was a way to carry your laptop, phone, tablet, personal computer, and tv media center all in your pocket. There is one way right now that was a shining form of future accessibility called the Motorola Atrix. This super phone has the power to be all of the list of devices said earlier but in the form of a smartphone. All of these new devices shown off during CES sporting dual core technology made my mouth drop. The simple fact is that we not to long ago, we all thought dual core was the fastest standard for most laptops and netbooks, and now all that power will be harnessed in something the size of your hand, that is crazy.

What does this Atrix device do? You can dock it to a computer (using the Motorola dock) and it turns in to a full fledged linux desktop computer. Specialized programs built to be used from the phone make the experience not just feel like an emulator but a full desktop feel. You can even use your phone as a smartphone emulator. If you get a notification you can read it using the desktop environment and even play Angry Birds and other android based games! (Chris Bogart might be switching carriers as we speak) So let us now take it out of the dock, that is connected to just a tv and mouse, and then connect it to Motorola’s customized laptop shell-dock that will make the Atrix in to a full fledged netbook. It will pretty much do the same thing as the desktop and will also take advantage of features like accelerometer control. (playing race games and tilting the laptop)

Alright so that takes down two styles of play, but we have one more for you. What about the TV? Seems like Google TV and Apple TV are growing popular and maybe you want to see what all the hype is about. If you have the Atrix you can just dock it with that same dock that was plugged up to your desktop and plug it up to your TV.  You can play HD movies along with the ability to play Android games and open applications you use on your phone. You can see all these goodies mentioned below in the video of Josh Topolsky from Engadget showing the Motorola Atrix docking off during CES. Find out more on the Motorola Atrix HERE!

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