Motorola Xoom Super Bowl teaser ad, it’s not 1984 anymore.

| January 31, 2011 | Reply

Seems Motorola is ready for the  Super Bowl. They released a teaser for the XOOM and it looks to take a stab at Apple. The video shows Earth with a pair of headphones on and the year going down from 2011 to 1984. Then the ad states “2011 looks like 1984, one authority, one design, one way to work it”.  The ad continues to state, “It’s time for more choices, It’s time to explore, It’s time to live a free life”. After that, the ad lists the specs of XOOM and then shows the Motorola logo. If you don’t know this ad refers to when it means 1984, it refers to when Apple made an advertisement  similar to Moto’s when Microsoft dominated the computer market. This ad was also made during the Super Bowl at that time. Do you think Motorola can dive into Apple’s tablet market? Let us know in the comment section below.

Here’s the ad.


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