Must Have Android App: Humans vs Aliens

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Moving on with our attempts to bring our readers the latest and greatest apps available in the Android Market, we are going to take a look at an extremely cool game called Humans vs Aliens.  While I am typically spending my time playing Angry Birds or actually getting work done, I have to admit it is rare for me to get excited about a new game to hit the Android Market, but then Humans vs Aliens came out and I simply cannot stop playing.  Check out the overview and promo video below and let us know what you think of this next blockbuster game for Android.

Humans vs Aliens

The premise of the game is simple.  You are put in a scenario where you are to battle across various lands, using multiple weapons for defense to fight against the approaching Aliens that are trying to attack you.  The UI of the game is set up much like a Tower Defense as you are given a choice of Humans and weapons to strategically place in order to protect your surroundings.  The setting will vary along with your choice of Humans and weapons as you defeat the Aliens through every challenging level.  The first level starts you off in San Francisco, CA where you are introduced to the first of nine different Aliens that you will encounter.  Your defense includes a farmer with a pitchfork, a military man with a gun and some sort of electrical tower.  The Aliens will approach slowly here, but you still have to be sure to place your defense wisely.  I have to admit I was stuck on level 1 for a couple turns before getting the hang of the game, but I can no longer put it down.

Once you get past level 1 and embark further throughout the game you will see a slew of newer humans and weapons to choose.  I will give you an idea of how cool the weapons get by saying that they include flame-throwers and even attack helicopters to fend off the Aliens that will also evolve in some pretty surprising ways.  If you are skilled enough to get deeper into the game you will be rewarded with more aggressive Humans, and more aggressive Aliens that will have you staring at your device, waiting to see what is next.  The game-play is flawless and animations are extremely well done.  This has become one of my absolute “Must Have” applications and I am excited that the games creator Epic Applications is now developing for the Android community.

I recommend Humans vs Aliens to anyone that is looking for that absolutely addicting and unique game that you simply could not put down.  Humans vs Aliens is available in the Android Market and AppBrain for $0.99 and you can grab yourself a copy by clicking the link or scanning the QR Code below.

Grab it here

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    I have this game and play it a lot – very addicting I will say…