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Keeping up with the latest and greatest applications available today for Android I want to focus on what I believe could be the next big thing for cross-platform messaging.  Like many of you, I have been searching for a BBM-like application to install on my Android phone for quite some time since leaving BlackBerry.  My search may have finally ended since i have recently installed Beluga Messenger.  Check out the review below and let us know if you agree.

Beluga Messenger

The premise of this application is simple.  Beluga Messenger is a cross-platform messaging application designed to work between Android & iOS devices running 3.1 or later.  There have been many applications to accomplish this, but Beluga has a relatively smaller footprint and is slightly different for a couple of reasons which I will get into shortly.  Some of the key features of this application are the ability to take advantage of real-time group chat, photo sharing, adding contacts and even viewing your friends location on the map to see where everyone is at, all quickly and easily.

From the screens above you will see the way the UI of the app is set up.  You can easily start a conversation or create a group to chat with using “Friends using Beluga” which allows you to simply create a “Pod” which is Beluga’s name for chat.  This is a feature that former BBM users will find most attractive since a lot of you may have been missing out on your BBM groups experience.  Now you can easily get back in the loop with others who may have made the switch.  The open chats you have are all called Pods whether they are group or individual chats.  You can easily set the preferences for a group or individual chat to give you a customized feel or simply set alerts for some or all Pods.  The UI is simple but still very easy to navigate through.  Since this is a cross-platform messaging client you can easily add friends that may be using different devices as long as they are using the app.  The notifications are push which was a huge added bonus that some similar apps do not offer.  Once you are in a chat (Pod) you can easily send or take pictures to send which pop up nicely right inside the Pod you’re using and thanks to a recent update you now have a Map view to see where the members of the group or individuals you are chatting with are located.  Not a deal breaker, but definitely a cool little feature built into the app.

The settings menu will allow you to turn on or off notifications. There is no setting currently to change the ring tone, as it will automatically default to the (notification tone) you have set in your devices main settings list, but this is just a small inconvenience.  You can turn off notification sounds and still have the notification bar show when you have new activity, or have it set to vibrate or LED notify only.  The app is gorgeous, works extremely well, and is blazing fast which allows us here to communicate with each other on a “real-time” basis.  We have been using the app for a while now, and find it a very useful business tool as well as the easiest way so far to stay in contact with our writers, readers, and friends.  The best part is that Beluga Messenger is absolutely FREE in the Android Market.  This app is still relatively unknown in my opinion so check it out today and start chatting more efficiently.

Grab it Free for Android Here

Using iOS3.1 or later?  Grab it here for FREE

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