New 3D Tech Discovery is Awesome : Unless You’re an Eyelid

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3D technology is a leap ahead from the 2d images that most of us are seeing on our TVs but, the technology that it takes to create the 3D feel is lacking. We all have seen those nerdy 3D glasses we are forced to wear to generate these 3D images but what if there was a much easier way. A man by the name of Francois Vogel has created a way to get that 3D experience minus the clunky glasses. Shut type glasses work by turning on and off at different frequencies creating two separate left and right fields for visuals which then the eye can interpret into a 3D image.

How did he get this to work exactly? Francois has found a way to make your eyes react to jolts to stimulate the eyelid moving up and down which creates that shutter environment we talked about earlier. Before you know it your eyes will be going to quick you will not even know your blinking, unless you count all the people around you asking if your okay. Sure this seems like a far fetched solution to the 3D problem but you have to agree progress is progress and I can say this is a very cool way to solve the glasses free problem. If I were you thought I would way till the news 3D TVs are built without the need for glasses. Check out the Video below of Fracois showing of his tech and what movie that video reminds me of below that.

Fran├žois Vogel

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