New Motorola Music player goes the way of the Darkside!

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This week we saw the port from XDAforums of the new Motorola Music app which in my opinion is the music app to beat now! With dozens of choices for high quality music apps like PowerAMP, and Winamp Motorola looks to have stepped up their game with this new music player from which we assume is the new Droid Bionic or Cliq2. Usually Blur apps supplied by Motorola severely lack in the performance area but this one is different. This includes basic music features as well as FM radio, Shoutcast, and Lyrics!!

If the new Moto music player wasn’t enough to get you going, our very own head Ninja Mr. Wayne Drescher Jr has done his magic yet again on this new app! Anyone who is familiar with Wayne’s TweetDark app (a blacked out TweetDeck) will be right at home with the new music app. Wayne has blacked out in style no less all the available widgets for the app and I must say look beautiful!

This Themed widget will be sure to match almost any theme and wallpaper set you are rocking on your Android of choice so give the download link a click below and check it out! Drop us a comment and let us know how you like it.

Motorola Blur Music (Modified) 1.0

So we all saw that new leak of the Motorola Blue Music app and I am sure you all can agree the widget style is terrible. I mean it works for 2010 but this is 2011 and we need some style splashed on our homescreen, especially with Gingerbread on the horizon. I wanted to give that nice sleek transparent/black style I am used to bringing to the public. The widgets are the only thing I modified (the app itself doesn’t need modified since it looks sexy as it) – the FM/ShoutCast/Music Player widgets are all skinned along with their landscape counter parts in HDPI/MDPI/LDPI so everyone can enjoy this widget. I did not do this just for myself, I did this for the community so enjoy!

** Remove regular version before downloading/installing this one **

As you know this is my only job – if you donate anything I would appreciate it (this helps buy more Mt Dew to keep me up on these projects :) )

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