Nintendo 3DS : Bad for your childrens eyes?

| January 2, 2011 | Reply

Sure glasses 3D is becoming popular and more and more companies are making it happen in more and more devices, but with what defects to us? According to Nintendo they issued a warning that anyone under the age of 6 should not use the 3D feature on the much anticipated 3DS device due to your eyes being in developmental stages. It is just like when you got yelled at when you were a child for sitting to close to that TV. Don’t fear parents because that is one of the main reasons why Nintendo went ahead and made sure to keep in the 2D Mode and let it be a matter of pressing a button and changing the experience. I am sure all this technology and staying inside is bad on a persons health either way and growing up staring at a screen all day doesn’t help the development stages but, to argue that, I am still healthy minus the Lasik I might need later. So parents, just do what you have to do to be a good parent and take this warning as a smart thing to do.

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