PS3 Finally Hacked via Custom Firmware : Allow Installation of PKG files

| January 6, 2011 | Reply

Alright so we don’t condone piracy in any way but when things come out that are amazingly done like trying to decrypt Sony’s firmware encryption and find out a way to put a custom firmware on the ps3 we get excited. Whats this mean for the average user? You can now have the ability to load package files (pirated games shared in cyberspace) which are the same files I am thinking that Sony uses to send to your system via PSN store. Now the main cracker in charge (not a racial joke) made himself clear that he did not enable the package files to be loaded just yet so he can assure people like Sony this is meant as a nice personal Homebrew loading deal which will allow your own personal free stuff to be loaded in but, that didn’t stop other crackers on enabling it and telling you how. Check out the proof positive video below, and as a reminder you will probably have to disable your PS3 to not be internet worthy so Sony doesn’t ban you for life! Props to “fail0verflow team” for the awesome hacking….

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