Qualcomm Snapdragons to Get Netflix First?

| January 27, 2011 | Reply

For those of you waiting with bated breath on your Netflix fix on your Android device (which I know I have), the wait may be drawing to an end.  BUT only if you have a device with a Snapdragon processor.  We know that the LG Revolution had a Netflix app at CES (video: via UnwiredView), and we know that the LG Revolution has a Snapdragon processor, but we still haven’t heard any details about the actual app.  Until today.  Droid-Life’s Qualcomm rep issued the following statement to them.

“We have been working with Netflix to bring their service for the first time to Android phones. Because of our ability to have very sophisticated SecureMSM and all kinds of layers of security we have been able to get Netflix approval. We meet all of the very stringent security requirements of the studios and we have been working with an OEM to have Netflix come pre-loaded.”

So, assuming that this is correct, we should be seeing Netflix on the newer Snapdragons, at least.  I know that if this is true, I’ll be first in line to pick up an HTC Thunderbolt!  What do you think?  True?  False?  Excited?  Indifferent?  Leave your comments below!

Via Droid-Life

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